1930′s Textured Satchel


Shanghai in 1930s, the high-class people were chasing after fashion and enjoy the luxurious lives. It was incomparable. They preferred the westernized life such as swimming, horse-riding, dancing, and golf-playing. They required the exquisite clothes and delicate accessories. Fashionable women chose different necklace, rings, bracelet, finger rings and brooch according to the different season and occasions. Regardless of the cheongsam or western-style suits, their ears, neck, fingers and wrists were all beautified with this jewelry. The price of these accessories was not high but they were welcomed. The sparkle brought Shanghai fashion. The curled fair matched with the transparent silk stockings, high-heel leather shoes, necklace, ear-rings, watches,  and leather bags was the most fashionable look.

Here is a textured 1930′s satchel bag. Everything works!

Length: 45cm
Height: 30cm
Width: 15cm

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