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Our “Oh, it’s Borneo!” Collection Table Napkin Series shapes Malaysian identity through art and design by providing an insight into Malaysia’s rich culture and heritage. By weaving the past with the present, the collection is a contemporary interpretation of Borneo reflected in the use of various lines, shapes and colours to represent the people, their folklore, way of life and relationship with the forest.

Traditionally, Borneo agriculture centered around paddy planted on the hill slopes, however to gain a sustainable income, Borneo natives would plant crops such as rubber, pepper and cocoa for sale at the market. Today Sarawak black peppercorn or ‘lada hitam’ (in Malay) is considered one of finest in the world. Grown on the fertile and mountainous slopes of Borneo, Sarawak black peppercorn is famous for its refined flavor and aromatic properties.

Borneo’s harvest festival is an annual thanksgiving celebration dedicated to the rice god. Preparations include decorating the home with ‘bungai jarau’ (in the Iban language), a flower carved out of wood to resemble a spiraling bouquet and hung around the longhouse as a decorative ornament. The festival is the most important religious and social occasion in Borneo. 

Our Rinago table napkin is inspired by Borneo’s Lingkong fern baskets. Harbouring a unique weaving style, these traditional handmade baskets are produced by the Rungus tribes of North Borneo using the Lygodium sp.fern, rattan and bamboo. The intricate craft work produced by the natives have been extended to a variety of household products such as placemats, coasters and containers of all shapes and sizes. 

Borneo’s legendary ‘buaya’ (in Malay) or crocodile deserves his own accolade in our collection. Inflicting fear even in the bravest of warriors, ‘Bujang Senang’ the Happy Bachelor of Batang Lupar river is said to be the reincarnation of a great Iban warrior who was slayed in battle and cursed as a crocodile. Since then, many witnesses have claimed to have seen the 20-foot long ‘Bujang Senang’ with a white stripe on his back preying along the riverbanks of Borneo.


100% Linen
500 x 500mm

Part of the 'Oh, It's Borneo!' collection.

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