Construction Calvary

Our goal is to make Malaysia competitive again.

And one of the many ways is to understand the local businesses and to expand their experiences beyond the box by making better use of our products. Our customer experience will now entail: antique vintage source, interior design, building renovation, and retail discount scheme. We want to do all of these uniquely well for our customers.

2012 was spent looking for the right partners and vendors to work closely with us. Now not only will we continue to revive and support local artisans, we are salvaging our local heritage by turning them into commodity whose values constantly increase in a rich rent-and-rotate environment. The environment itself will be designed and built by our vendors because we believe in paying attention to architecture to unleash the potential of our product range. And to manage our end customers’ investment, we have an amazing service in the pipeline for property investors and homeowners.

To be a competitive country, we have to be competitive. This is what The Great Indoors stand for and what its potential is to contribute to the industry and great nation.

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