Gesche Paint Studio, Shanghai

While China sees art as a rising commodity, its mushrooming art academies are churning out uninspiring work. To resolve that, Gesche Paint Studio, a new paint workshop located in downtown Xintiandi shopping district in Shanghai, hopes to serve the painting community beyond easels and instruments.

To inspire students to think beyond the traditional lines and work between mental spaces, Gesche Paint Studio invited space designers, Sandoor Design and The Great Indoors to renovate the workshop space.

Conceptually, we amplified paint as a fun medium that not only defies gravity, but also travels across dimensions, in merging postmodernism and renaissance art sensibility.

“We first defined the space with grid lines so that we could illustrate how paint defies the them by bending visual logics, “quipped Kevin and Sam of The Great Indoors. “Then, we slowly worked with the furniture and graphics placement so that painting subject relationships could form, define and construct new visual ideas for the students.”

Jason of Sandoor Design led his team of builders throughout the next two weeks to exhaustively tile the walls and floors while fabricate furniture in very acute dimensions.  

We hope that the space will be a platform that produces good work for the community and inspire art not just as a commodity but a creative expression for people.

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