Pestle & Mortar

Pestle & Mortar is one very ambitious and talented Malaysian-based company.

From the iconic “Telor Mata” mamak food culture to the “Rotiman” neighborhood knick knack delivery guy imageries, the hardworking folks of Pestle & Mortar design clothes, which fuse local culture with cult streetwear. The sub context is the concepts of “culture” and “commercial”, which are often perceived as opposites. The underlying statement being that culture is not something that can or should be sold. However, the outcome of cultural-driven innovation and successful cultural brokering – cultural commercialization, is vital to success, which makes Pestle & Mortar such an interesting startup.

To rally local startups, The Great Indoors supplied heavy brass hooks and enamel pendant lights to complement their pipe rack shelving and scaffold frame counter within a raw industrial setting.

Please do visit their website to show your support and patriotism at

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