Vintage Brandt Automatic Cashier


This is a Brandt Automatic Cashier, manufactured by one of Brandt Mfg Co. offices located in Chicago, Illinois. It was invented by Edward J. Brandt who founded Brandt Mfg Co in Watertown, Wisconsin. 

The object of the machine was to make a given payment of change or gold by the depression of a single key, thus eliminating the work of selecting the coins necessary to make the payment. For instance, when the key 87 is depressed the machine delivers the least number of coins necessary to make the payment and in this case these coins would be in a half dollar, a quarter, a dime, and two pennies.

Amongst its aesthetic highlights are fancy nickel-plated cast iron with winged dragons on sides and brass maker’s tag on back.

Perfect for retail window display, industrial mood setting, industrial F&B outlets and themed events. 

11″H x 11″W x 14″D


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