1950s Space Age Five Rams Classic Table Clock - SOLD OUT



Product Information:

Height: 16.5cm

Depth: 9cm

Width: 19.5cm

Includes original winding handles and winding knobs, circular face with oblique position, hands and numbers glow in the dark, hidden knobs, embossed numbers and dials, perfect working condition.


Five Ram clocks are classic mantel clocks produced by the Guangzhou Watch Factory. The brand uses an image of five rams perched on a rock as its trademark. In 1959, Guangzhou Watch Factory started producing mechanical alarm clocks.

By 1965 the clock-making arm of the company discontinued production and the factory focused their operations solely on watch building. The company was renamed to Guangzhou Five Rams Watch Company Limited in 2011 and continues to operate today producing tourbillion watches and watch components.

The significance of Five Rams is derived from a famous legend in Guangzhou. Emperor Zhou Yi is the ninth king of the Chinese Zhou Dynasty. It is said during his reign, Guangzhou faced a period of great famine and its people suffered terribly. One day, five immortals (fairies) riding on five coloured goats magically appeared bearing the gift of five grains to the people of Guangzhou.

Before leaving, they turned their five coloured goats to stone and left them in the city. In order to honour the five immortals for their kindness, the people of Guangzhou subsequently built the Temple of Five Immortals with their five coloured goats featured in the main hall. Till today, Guangzhou is known as the “city of five rams”.

Buyer Information:

Each classic clock sold by The Great Indoors has been carefully handpicked and lovingly restored to perfect working condition. That said, each classic clock may carry its own characteristic set of blemishes after having endured the passage of time.

The availability of these clocks by design are extremely limited and we hope you will care for them as much as we have.


Sold Out

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