About Us

The Great Indoors is a Malaysian design agency that provides business solutions through branding, graphic and product design. While we love making brands better, we also love staying in touch with our roots. Our range of products are an extension of our sweeping passion and belief in bundling tradition and culture through contemporary design.


Straits Settlements Collection - Inspired by Yesterday, Made for Tomorrow

The Straits Settlements Collection is a celebration of our Malay archipelago heritage and culture. It was conceived from a love affair with the design language from Malaya’s pre and post colonial days, reaching as far as the late 1960's for inspiration. Each item from the collection prides itself as a unique conversation piece that hinges on the contributing trades of yesteryear that have and/or are slowly diminishing.

Historically, the Straits Settlements refers to a colony of territories that were controlled by the British crown from 1826 to 1946. This includes Penang, Malacca, Singapore and Labuan.


Oh, It’s Borneo - Dayak Goods Made Good

Oh It’s Borneo! is a growing collection of designer home accessories which reflect a contemporary interpretation of our native roots. The collection pays homage to the sacred art of Borneo’s rainforest reflected by the use of various textures, lines and colours to represent the people of Borneo, their folklore, way of life and relationship with the forest.


Hardware Supplies

The Great Indoors started as a non-typical home furnishing start-up dedicated to salvaging old furniture and repurposing them for commercial use or as memorabilia. This is still our lifelong passion and we always love a great find! Our growing hardware collection is a careful curation of bits and bobs which we acquired from our travels across the globe.

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