Actioon Smurvs


Peace keeping mission, to fight like a man.

Limited edition:
Only 30 units produced and includes random Smurvs.
Papa Smurv is a rarity, only if you are lucky enough to collect them all.


This piece is part of a bigger collection of "limited edition collectibles" dedicated to repurposing and giving old, neglected Chinese toy surpluses a new lease of life. China is a country constantly demanding for development. As a result, the country's landscape and its people are quick to discard the old in preference for something newer, bigger and better.

Through our travels, we found many of these little toys in a pitiful state. In a world led by technology, these toys have simply lost their reason for existence. We hope by repackaging and providing these toys with a completely different role and perspective, we can find a new reason for you to take them home.

All toys are limited in quantity and have small blemishes.
Cardboard sleeve designed and printed by us.
Plastic cover commissioned separately.
Each Smurv is lovingly hand painted. 
All components are assembled by hand.

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