Steven Seagull Reproduced Vintage Flashlight


Although the electric light had arrived in Malaya-Singapura in 1950, few had access to it in their homes. Relying on the kerosene lamp or flashlight for sight, using the latter became more convenient and necessary especially when trying to find one’s way home after dark, searching for durian ‘gugur’ (fallen durians) or catching burglars in the cover of night.

Steven Seagull is a name given to a range of chrome plated pre-focused reproduced vintage flashlights made reminiscent of flashlights in the 50s. Inspired by action hero Steven Seagal, the flashlight is styled as a weapon tool and housed in a carefully constructed trapezoidal prism package complete with intuitive folds, illustrated visual cues and instructions.  

This flashlight is a rare, limited edition collectible. As the world continues to move forth with new technology, it is likely for the production of this item to cease completely due to poor interest and relevance. Knowing this, each flashlight comes with an individualised serial number card to ensure each item is unique and approved by The Great Indoors.

Fits 2 x D-Cell sized batteries. Batteries are not included. 
Not safe for children. May contain sharp edges. 

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