P.Ramlee Jigsaw Puzzle Movie Poster Collection

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The Great Indoors vintage jigsaw collection makes for a wonderful gift or addition to your personal collection of nostalgic memorabilia. Bundled in an attractive gift box, each puzzle when completed, represents a unique piece of Malaya-Singapura’s pop culture history.

Pendekar Bujang Lapok
Released in 1959, Pendekar Bujang Lapok (The Three Bachelor Warriors) is a comedy film directed and starred by P. Ramlee alongside S. Shamsuddin and Aziz Sattar. The movie was filmed entirely in Singapore and won the Best Comedy award at the 6th Asian Film Festival in 1959.

Aloha is a romantic Malay musical film directed by B.S. Rajhans with starring roles by P. Ramlee, Mariam and Osman Gumanti. The film was published in Singapore in 1950 when the country was still part of Malaya.

Berdosa (Sinner) is a black and white Malay drama film directed by S. Ramanathan. The film was published in Singapore in 1951 when the country was still part of Malaya. The movie is stars popular Malay screen legends of the 50s and 60s such as Siput Sarawak, S. Roomai Noor, Yem and Daeng Idris.

Hang Tuah
Released on 28 January 1956, Hang Tuah is a Malay historical period drama directed by Indian film director Phani Majumdar. It is the first Malay film rendered in ‘Eastman’ colour which was a significant milestone for the production of Malay films back then.  The film received the award for ‘Best Musical Score’ at the 3rd Asian Film Festival in Hong Kong in 1956 and was nominated for the Golden Bear during the film’s official screening at the 7th Berlin International Film Festival in 1957.

Print Size
500mm W x 755mm H, 1000 pieces

Digital hand painted illustration printed on 2mm laser cut wood fibers

Framing & Mounting
Jigsaw puzzle is not mounted and comes unframed and unassembled. 

Edition Details
This is not a limited edition print. 

This item is made to order. Please allow up to 5 working days for production, upon which the j
igsaw puzzle will be shipped in a box unassembled. Unless the contents arrive damaged, we do not accept returns. 

The Great Indoors does not own the copyright to any of the artwork. All copyrights belong to their respective owners. This vintage jigsaw puzzle poster is a digital hand-painted reproduction from the original and has been painstakingly and professionally restored for physical integrity and colour vibrancy.

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