1950s Triangle Double Chrome Bells White Dove Classic Table Clock


Product Information:

Height: 13.5cm

Depth: 6cm (including knobs)

Width: 15cm

Includes original winding handles and winding knobs, hands and numbers glow in the dark, unique diamond face, double chrome alarm bells, perfect working condition.


Originating from Anshan Clock and Watch Factory (鞍山钟表总厂) in Anshan city, Lishan, China in 1959.

White Dove clocks are classic mantel and table clocks produced by the Anshan Clock and Watch Factory in 50s. The brand uses an image of a dove facing forward with open wings as its trademark.

Anshan Stationery Factory was founded in 1959 and produced typewriters and staplers. During China’s movement to nationalize industries in April of the same year, the factory began producing alarm clocks and was renamed the Anshan Clock and Watch Factory.

In 1960, the factory was successfully designing and manufacturing over 80 specialised components for clock production. By 1965, the Anshan Clock and Watch Factory was producing 130,000 alarm clocks annually to be exported globally to countries such as Britain, Canada and Iraq.

The Anshan Clock and Watch Factory grew rapidly and by 1980s operated out of the five-storey building on North Shengli Road. Over the years as the country’s period of industrialization began to decline, the factory ceased operations and was subsequently demolished and replaced by Times Homeland Building Material Plaza.

Buyer Information:

Each classic clock sold by The Great Indoors has been carefully handpicked and lovingly restored to perfect working condition. That said, each classic clock may carry its own characteristic set of blemishes after having endured the passage of time.

The availability of these clocks by design are extremely limited and we hope you will care for them as much as we have.  

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