1960s Copal 228 24-Hour Flip Clock - SOLD OUT



Product Information:

Height: 7.5cm

Depth: 10cm (calculated from base)

Width: 16cm (calculated from base, left to right)

Colour: Off white (refer to image for more information)

Repaired to working condition. The clock and light has been repaired however the alarm does not work. Still makes a handsome table clock minus the alarm.

Some visible blemishes and missing a small corner piece and back piece which was already present when we found it. Faux wood veneer sticker on top hides a hole where the previous owner tried to convert it into a table clock lamp (blasphemy!).

Converted from 220v to 240v. Uses a two pin power plug.


This is the COPAL 228. While this sweetheart may come with a few flaws, but from our point of view this baby is still worthy of your attention. Rescued from a previous life of neglect, abuse and disrepair, this tiny hero certainly deserves a chance of being flipping worthy again for your hot desk.

The first COPAL flip clock, the COPAL Caslon 101 was designed by renowned industrial designer and celebrated godfather of modern Japanese design Riki Watanabe in 1964. In the years thereafter, Watanabe also designed the Caslon 601 in 1967 and Copal C61 in 1973.

Produced by Copal Co. Ltd, Tokyo since 1946, the company has since been renamed The Nidec Copal Corporation in 1998. From producing digital clocks, radios and audio equipment in the 60s and 70s, today the company continues to manufacture optical, electronic and mechanical equipment for the photographic industry.

P/S: We realise this little guy may not look all that, but his flaws give him a sense of character. If you can look past his minor imperfections, he is still as handsome as ever.

Buyer Information:

Each classic mantel clock sold by The Great Indoors has been carefully handpicked and lovingly restored to perfect working condition. That said, each classic mantel clock may carry its own characteristic set of blemishes after having endured the passage of time. The availability of these clocks by design are extremely limited and we hope you will care for them as much as we have.


Sold Out

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