1980s Rotating Mosaic Shanghai Diamond Classic Table Clock - SOLD OUT



Product Information:

Height: 11cm

Depth: 6cm (including knobs)

Width: 10cm

Available Colour: Turquoise Blue, Mellow Yellow

Includes original winding handles and winding knobs, hands and numbers glow in the dark, rotating mosaic dial, original box, brand new 


Originating from Shanghai Diamond Watch Factory Company (上海钻石手表厂) in Shanghai, China in 1955.

Diamond brand are classic mantel and table clocks produced by the Shanghai Diamond Watch Factory Company in the 50s to be exported to Western nations. The brand is identified by the side-view of a round cut diamond prominently displayed on the clock face. 

Shanghai Diamond Watch Factory began as Tak On Clock Factory in Shanghai established by Koo Hai Zheng in 1932. Their maiden clock brand was Double Arrow. When the Japanese invaded China in 1937, the factory was annihilated by bombs but reconstructed a year later under the name Gold Star Industrial Association (金星). Shortly after, Diamond brand alarm clocks were produced and quickly gained popularity across Asia.

In 1955, Gold Star along with 200 other companies were merged under China’s nationalization of industries movement and called the Shanghai Clock and Watch Industry Company. Diamond brand clocks were recognized for being one of only three watches produced in China not powered by the Chinese Standard Movement.  

Over the years the Shanghai Clock and Watch Industry Company like many factory enterprises in China endured many changes including corporatization, privatization, rationalization and downsizing, eventually ceasing production in the 1990s. Diamond brand clocks are still being produced today but by a different factory and packaged in such a way as to offer no clue of the manufacturer.

Buyer Information:

Each classic clock sold by The Great Indoors has been carefully handpicked and lovingly restored to perfect working condition. That said, each classic clock may carry its own characteristic set of blemishes after having endured the passage of time.

The availability of these clocks by design are extremely limited and we hope you will care for them as much as we have.  


Sold Out

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