Badminton Enamel Tray (Limited Edition)


Badminton is a Chinese dominated sport established in the country since 1956. It is a much beloved sport in the country having produced many national heroes that have gain world wide recognition. Chinese characters (友谊) symbolise friendship and camaraderie. Use of Chinese peony flowers impart love and happiness.

Shape: Round, flat tray
Colour: White with pink rim
Dimensions: 32.3cm (diameter) x 4.0cm (depth)
Year: 1974
Quantity: Only 1 available
Condition: Used, minimal blemishes


Enamel products used to play an important role in the daily life of the Chinese people. For decades since the 1920s to the early 1980s enamel products were used by every household from wash basins to cups, lampshades, spitting pots, serving trays, pot and pans and even the humble rice bowl.

They became the perfect instrument for spreading political propaganda such which gives some enamel products an obvious imprint of the times and historical period. Not all enamel products carried these messages, many simply using illustrations of flowers, birds, scenery and sports as decorative patterns.

Entering the 21st century, enamel products have almost completely disappeared from the Chinese way of life, no longer a daily necessity but only as a cultural symbol, preserved in the collective memories of people who used to depend on them for daily tasks. The continuous improvement of China’s industrial and manufacturing sector has contributed to this decline, as have the influx of cheap porcelain goods and metal products.

Buyer Information:

Each vintage piece sold by The Great Indoors has been carefully handpicked and may carry its own characteristic set of blemishes after having endured the passage of time.

The availability of these vintage pieces are extremely limited and we hope you will care for them as much as we have.

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