Vintage Chinese Characters Wooden Learning Blocks


Product Specifications:

Manufacturer: Hainan Qian Yang Xian An Jiang Souvenir Art Supplies

Box Dimensions: 28cm (L) x 2cm (D) x 13cm (W)

Block Dimension: 3cm (L) x 3cm (H) x 1.8cm (D) (36 pcs total)

Year: Nov 1992 36 multi-side picture / character vintage wooden learning blocks.


Simple illustrative images on one side, strong character illustrations on the other and supported by 'pin-yin' descriptions. When randomly pieced together, the bright colours and illustrations are cheerful and beautifully decorative for any office, living or study. Still usable as a primary educational tool.

Condition: Unused. May contain small blemishes due to the passing of time.

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